It all started with 1 idea: a platform where every person is able to create it's own dream.  A place where  it doesn't matter if a dream is big or small, or what your situation is. The only thing that counts is what YOU want. 

We strive to do this by following our 3 D/C standards: creating, developing & inspiring


Dream Code is founded by Steyn Akkerman, a 22 year old boy from Hilversum. From an early age, Steyn has been inspired by big dreams and the way to get there. He has been working as a youth developer in football for quite some time now.  In addition, he has an academy (TTA) where he focuses on the total development of athletes and talents, but above all… development of people




A big part of dreaming, is shining with confidence.

We like to do it our own way, and that’s the way where your colours show up the best. This is one of the reasons why we are going to start up a fashion brand.  A great way to be part of big dreams.

We stand for 3 things: create, develop & inspire…

and that's what our designs contain

MULTIMEDIA| start 09.2022

A great way to create & inspire, is media. It’s a very dynamic part of our society.

The Dream Code values ​​are incorporated in our content. 

In addition to the 2 values ​​mentioned above, one of the other important things is that we also offer content where we can help you develop and achieve your dreams. 


We will create items like:






And more...

EVENTS| start 11.2022

Another way to reach & inspire even more people, are events. 

This is a way for us to bring the Dream Code mission closer to you: the dreamers


Events will come in the following ways:

Seminars - speakers, meetings & more...

Workshops - like inspiring & instructive courses with various subjects

Talent Day - a new concept where talent, from every branch, gets a chance to rise & shine

Dream Event - a day where dreams meet reality, we organize an event where you will get the ultimate dream experience